Holiday Cottages in Whitby

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Our History

About Whitby Holiday Properties...

Whitby Holiday Properties was born in the early part of 2012 when we were searching the internet for an idyllic cottage for 2 over in the Yorkshire dales.

It had been a particularly tough week at work to say the least and by the end of the week a break from the 9-5 (and the kids) was very much needed. Luckily, Granny and Granddad kindly offered to have the kids for the weekend and that then set the scene for what should have been a last minute, romantic weekend break.

However, after frantically trawling through the internet for hour upon hour in search of the perfect romantic hideaway

frustration finally got the better of us and the search was abandoned leaving the weekend break we so desperately needed as nothing more than wishful thinking.The problem was the simple painstaking process of having to trawl through endless websites with little or no success.

It was at that exact moment that the Whitby Holiday properties concept was conceived. The draught was easy!

To bring together all those beautiful Whitby holiday cottages all on one simple and easy to navigate website. And the rest is history………


To all of you, from all of us at Whitby Holiday properties - Thank you & have a great break!

From all the Team
at Whitby Holiday Properties